Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1

Where can I go to adopt a puppy?

How it works: Go to and browse through available puppies. If you don’t live near the shelter, the organization will handle transportation for your new best friend if appropriate. “We will fly the dog out in cargo if the flight is safe, the weather conditions are right, and the dog has the right health status to fly.

Question #2

Can I take my new pet home the same day?

Just a few hours a day is possible for you to get your pet home but all depending on your location( state/city) from ours. Meaning it is possible, reasons being that if you’re close to us, you can come pick up the dogs by yourself.

But usually we love to accompany the dogs to their forever homes so as to have a look at the environment in which they’ll be in and also help settle them in and possibly take pictures with the family and they will sign the adoption form with the Nanny.


Do you have any other questions?

If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, feel free to email us.

Can’t find your question?

Immediately you send your delivery details, adoption and delivery fee i will go register the puppy to be brought to you. When i do the registration, the delivery agency will contact you with full information on the delivery, Payment confirmation and receipt, a flight ticket stating the departure and arrival time of the puppy at your home and also they will give you a tracking number so that you can know the location of your puppy every step of the way.

Navigate to our “Available Puppies” page, choose your puppy (or your puppy chooses you), click the ‘Adopt Me” button . Enter all your information & make sure you give all contact phone numbers (cell phone) & a valid email . Once this is done, we will contact you within 24hours to confirm your order before you proceed with the purchase. After successfully placing the order,, we will proceed with the paper work, and let you know which days puppies are flying. If you live far away from the farm, We will book your puppy on the best possible flight & email you all the information

Do not give your new puppy any vaccines within the first 14 days of Arrival. Your new puppy is all up to date on shots and will not need a Vaccine for at least two weeks. Many vets will attempt to issue a vaccine So that they can make additional money. Do not get any vaccines on your First vet visit as the puppy will need time to adjust and you do not need Any additional stress on him or her!!!

Usually small-town vets are best. Word gets around small towns very quickly & if a vet has bad practices… small towns will talk Usually (not always). Small town vets are inexpensive as well. Also Try to search for a vet in your area & see reviews of consumers in your area as well.